You’re currently on MySpace 2.0 (or 2D if you prefer). Now I am introducing Adam’s World - a 3D explorable (eventually) world constructed by yours truly.

This project has been brewing for a while, but only in vague snippets at a time. A couple of random occurences helped speed the process along.

Kevin Lin’s Garden

I stumbled on Kevin Lin as I have been following along the development on - a note taking VS Code plugin. This was the first time I started to understand what a “Digital Garden” meant. Also roughly the time I started this blog.

Maggie Appleton’s Garden

I signed up for Dan Abramov’s Just Javascript mailing list a while back. Somewhere in the roughly one million emails begging me to buy the course I decided to look into this Maggie Appleton person that was designing visuals for the course. It was here that a seed was planted.

Maggie’s blog as she describes it:

An open collection of notes, resources, sketches, and explorations I’m currently cultivating. Some notes are Seedlings, some are budding, and some are fully grown Evergreen.

Right away I loved this concept. I often write - and publish - a post knowing that it’s not quite finished (this current one included). I wanted some way to be able to inform readers that something isn’t fully fleshed out yet. It would also serve as a reminder to myself that there’s potentially more work to be done.

My Digital Garden

I have unfortunately spent very little time drawing throughout my life. This limits my options when it comes to a creative outlet. Thankfully, I went through a long phase of interest in game development. I’ve worked at a few game companies and built some of my own personal projects in the past. For a long time this was my hobby and what recharged my sanity.

The current version is just a sliver of a prototype to learn the tools needed and see if this is something I’d like to continue. Ultimately, I’d like my “digital garden” to be more literal than what I have seen from others. Different objects in the world can represent different posts. Different areas can help organized information. I want the reader to be able to walk through a forest where each tree unlocks a new idea.

Much like a physical garden, this will take time to achieve. I’m intrigued by the idea of a memory palace for all the random things floating in my mind so I will slowly plant my trees one by one. I hope they can each be unique in their own way. One day you can refer to a post as “the giant oak tree in the backyard”.

Today you can see the first two trees. Clicking on either of them will open a new tab. Much like the “Home” link on a webpage, clicking the house will bring you back to this website. When I learn a bit more and have more time, things will hopefully be a bit more interesting!