In an attempt to bring order to the lack of organization currently, I am introducing four main categories: “Announcements”, “Arts”, “Opinion”, and “Tech”


The “Announcements” category will be used for broadcasting information about the site. There are lots of different ways this site could evolve, and announcements will act as a public changelog for larger public facing changes.


From a young age, I convinced myself I was not artistic. This mostly boiled down to the fact that I cannot draw things more complicated than stick figures. Thankfully, I have outgrown that belief (though still only draw stick figures). When I first used the word “beautiful” to describe a piece of code, I realized that I had been mastering a different kind of art all along. This section will inevitably expand to include movies, music, video games, etc.


In fourth grade, my school district introduced a points based reward system for reading books. Already an avid gamer, (nothing is an addiction at that age, right?) I immediately assessed the situation to “win”. I found that nonfiction books had a much higher point to page ratio and started down that path. I collected rewards along the way: stickers, pencils, erasers. I have vague memory of the time I went to collect my reward and the teacher told me I had surpassed the highest number of points they had planned for. I think she let me pick whatever I wanted. That was good enough for me - I just liked seeing the number of points go up after each electronic quiz. Feeling accomplished, I set my sights on a different goal: find the book worth the most points and read that. I went home with a 500 page book that I had to carry with two hands, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This book ended up giving me “reader’s block”. After a few pages I gave up, and I think outside of required school reading I didn’t really read much else.

I’m happy to be back to my old ways of reading for pleasure (still mostly nonfiction). I have learned incredible things and had some strong beliefs broken down by an author’s strong argument. In this section you will find summaries, reviews, and commentary on a variety of books.

I’m already two books ahead of what I’ve actually written about. Which means I’ll need to think a bit harder about what books deserve their own post.


I originally didn’t put too much thought into how to organize this site’s content. While published content is still quite light, I have several ideas brewing in mind. I realized a lot of ideas didn’t quite fit in with some of the original writing I intended to do. The opinion section will (to no one’s surprise) contain opinions. This doesn’t mean that other sections won’t also contain opinions, but these will likely explore topics that are not necessarily “tech” related.


As a software engineer, I was tempted to just call this “Software”. However, after thinking about it that felt too restrictive. Once there is more content, this will likely evolve in to more specific subcategories.


Despite only having one article here at the moment, this is where I would like to spend most of my time. Areas of focus will include: engineering management, tutorials, security, stories, reviews, and probably a decent number of rants.